Our Toddler Program is for children between the ages:

18 months and 2.5 years

The Toddler Program is designed to provide the opportunity for children to foster the development of physical, cognitive and linguistic growth, movement, independence, language and creativity in a prepared environment. and also have an opportunity to learn through circle, creative time, art and sensory, indoor and outdoor play.

Each day, children experience the self-confidence of completing tasks independently as well as the joy of contributing to the well-being of the classroom community. Children are gently introduced to the rules of the community and find pleasure in being patient, respectful, and polite.


. Language Development—communication and vocabulary
. Socialisation—referred to as Grace and Courtesy
. Movement—fine and large motor skills
. Practical life—food preparation and care of the classroom environment
. Functional independence—care of oneself and bathroom independence

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